26 November 2008

JWT India Sweeps the EFFIES in Mumbai

Services: UNICEF Red Ribbon Express - Bronze.
Corporate: Times of India Lead India - Gold.
Internet Digital: Pepsi My can - Bronze.
Integrated: Times of India lead India - Gold
Marico Uncommon Sense Award: Times of India Lead India ( recognition award).
Consumer: DTC Diamond bride - Bronze
Sunsilk Gang of Girls - Bronze.
Fritolay Kurkure Face on Pack - Silver
Nike Gutsy Cricket - Gold
Sunsilk Gang of Girls -
Yahoo Big Idea Chair for digital online advertising.
Times of India Lead India - The Grand Effie
Bennet Coleman Co. - The Effie Client of the Year
JWT India - Agency of the Year

24 November 2008

JWT India Wins Big at AME, New York

JWT India won the prestigious AME GOLD Medallion, the AME Silver Medallion and two finalist certificates awarded at the 2008 Advertising and Marketing Effectiveness Awards in New York, amongst competition from 30 countries.

Winners list
De Beers - De Beers Wedding Program : Integrated Marketing, AME GOLD MEDALLION
UNICEF India -Red Ribbon Express: Guerrilla/Alternative Media, AME Silver Medallion
Kellogg's India - Kellogg's Special K : Foods, Finalist Certificate
Bennet, Coleman and Company Ltd. - The Times of India : Media Promotions, Finalist Certificate
Click Here to view all the AME Winners of 2008.

JWT India- Youth Dynamix Trax Study

JWT India and Youth Dynamix (Pvt) Ltd, a specialist WPP youth agency have joined forces to offer clients a specialist youth consultancy offering. It aims to launch an in-depth Trax study focused on the youth in India via a joint venture with Youth Dynamix. The study is the first step in assisting brands in developing strong youth strategies that dove tail their mainline strategy and allow youthful consumers an opportunity to build bridges to the adult brand.

The study will cover a host of categories, including Financial and Shopping Behaviour, Technology and Telecommunications, Media and Advertising, Lifestyles, Attitudes and Family Dynamics.

Click here to read the news article.

Predicting the Trends of 2009

JWT released its 10 Trends for 2009, from New York this week. In addition to the economy, recurring themes include technology and the environment.

Given the current volatility in the world’s markets and consumers’ greatly intensifying anxiety, it’s no surprise says the report that the economy is a common thread. In 2009, we’ll see more consumer strategies for coping with the downturn. Among them is making the most of simple pleasures, a trend we explore here. In this climate, authenticity will become paramount for brands as they look to regain credibility and trust, especially in the wake of a financial crisis that has seen established institutions topple overnight and many others teeter on the brink. Meanwhile, the coming years will see a widespread redistribution of power in almost every major sphere: economic, social and political.
For the full report, click here.

Marketing During a Recession

JWT, from New York, is launching a series of research papers that will examine consumer attitudes and behaviors during a recession and dissect what they mean for marketers.

The following paper—a short audit of existing thinking on the topic of marketing during a recession—is a synthesis of historical and current material published by ad organizations, marketers, journalists and research and consulting companies based on findings from past recessions. It highlights key recurring ideas about why marketers should continue to spend during down times and strategies for how best to go about it.

Read the entire paper at http://www.coffeeanddonuts.co.in/

Marketing lessons from Barack Obama

There have been a flurry of articles on the marketing lessons to be learned from the American President Elect Barack Obama. Here is a sample.

Obama's Seven Lessons for Radical Innovators by Umair Haque

How Better Marketing Elected Barack Obama by John Quelch

How Obama Became CEO of the USA-- and What it Means for CEOs Everywhere by Bill Taylor

Barack Obama's Victory: Three Lessons for Business by Jack and Suzy Welch

What Marketers can Learn from Obama by Al Ries

Ten marketing lessons from the Barack Obama Presidential campaign by David Meerman Scott

10 lessons for marketers from Barack Obama by Vijay Sankaran

Email Marketing Insights from Obama and McCain by Morgan Stewart

Here's a tongue-firmly-in-cheek response to these articles!
I Also Want to Write About Barack Obama by Mythili Chandrasekar