24 November 2008

Predicting the Trends of 2009

JWT released its 10 Trends for 2009, from New York this week. In addition to the economy, recurring themes include technology and the environment.

Given the current volatility in the world’s markets and consumers’ greatly intensifying anxiety, it’s no surprise says the report that the economy is a common thread. In 2009, we’ll see more consumer strategies for coping with the downturn. Among them is making the most of simple pleasures, a trend we explore here. In this climate, authenticity will become paramount for brands as they look to regain credibility and trust, especially in the wake of a financial crisis that has seen established institutions topple overnight and many others teeter on the brink. Meanwhile, the coming years will see a widespread redistribution of power in almost every major sphere: economic, social and political.
For the full report, click here.

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