08 November 2010

Marketing Lessons from the Mad Men

I’ve started watching Mad Men. For the uninitiated, the show is based on an agency of the 1960s called Sterling Cooper that was based in Madison Avenue, NY. Though the agency of the ‘60s looks nothing like an agency set-up today, the characters are quite stereotypical – the Creative Director who can do no wrong, the cool Account Executive whose writing skills are the envy of even the copywriters, the managing partner who remains an enigma to the rest of the office... and so on.

The point of this post, however, is not how well an agency of the ‘60s mirrors our agency today but how, even though the show is about the agency community in NY in the ‘60s, it seems to market itself like a 21st century agency. How have they done that? By having a presence that goes beyond the realms of the show itself, and I’m not talking about just the usual “About the show”, IMDb listings or online access to the episodes on their official website.

They have created: