06 February 2014

What's cool?

By Bhaskar Thakur, Strategic Planning Director (JWT, Gurgaon)

Youth don’t buy stuff; they buy what stuff does for them.

“What’s cool?” Is not a list of cool youth trends but an effort to analyze what makes some things cool and how a trend ‘catches on’.

Is content dead, and context the new king?
Is spirituality the ultimate cool, is perversion becoming mainstream and is ugly becoming beautiful?

JWT identifies 1o themes to look at the ‘hit’ content and understand the context that makes it cool.

From vodka eyeballing to religion without rituals and from silent discos to stitchtagrams and instaprints… the report looks at branded manifestations, subcultures and motivations for such behavior.

For the full report, please write to bhaskar.thakur@jwt.com   

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