23 October 2013

Are we healthy because we are happy or happy because we are healthy?

JWT Intelligence trend report ‘Health and Happiness: Hand in Hand’  examines the rising notion that a happier person is a healthier person - and, in turn, a healthier person is a happier person. The report looks at what’s driving awareness around the health-happiness connection, how this development is playing out in culture and how marketers can leverage it.

As health has come to be viewed in a more holistic way, with both mind and body taken into account, happiness has been getting folded into the idea of “health and wellness”.

What does it mean for brands? For brands that can bring happiness, emphasizing a health aspect will help create a one-two punch. And for brands that are health-related—whether in nutrition, fitness, etc.—it may be just as or more effective to tout the happiness effects than the medical benefits.  

Several brands globally have already begun to weave the health and happiness interconnectedness into their propositions. Nestle has launched ‘Happily Healthy’ Project, while Campbell Soups has come out with ‘Road to Happiness’ campaign and Lipton has come out with ‘Drink Positive ‘campaign, among others. 

POV: JWT India Planning

Isn’t it interesting to note that while the trend has caught on globally, in a country like ours where the interconnectedness between food, health and happiness has been age old knowledge, not many food brands have taken up this proposition. 

Understanding that ‘Health & Happiness’  is emerging as top propositions that consumers seek globally, and given that this connection has been an age old concept in India, is it time for brands to start spreading happiness through health? Or making us healthier by adding to our happiness quotient?

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