08 August 2012

JWT launches Juniper, Wheat and Tabasco

Do you know that when JWT rebranded itself a few years ago, the colours of the logo came from the colours of Juniper, Wheat and Tabasco? An herb, a cereal, a spice… what better name for an initiative on Foods as a category!

In the gene pool of JWT lies an extraordinary ability to see connections between consumers and brands…  Joining the dots between human emotions, the rationalising of choices and the path to behavioral change.  How do you curate years of learning, dig for new insights and funnel it back into the thinking process? How do you constantly evolve new perspectives on timeless brand issues, be it increasing penetration and trial, getting into the consideration set, or increasing consumption? What finally makes a mother add our brand to her grocery list, or a youth reach for our brand rather than the other?

Juniper, Wheat and Tabasco is a hunt for tipping points to adoption of branded food practices.

To kick it off, JWT has created a battery of 10 “packticons” – representing the discovery of the 10 benefit spaces that drive all food choices. A creative interpretation of a strategic framework! Everything Planning does has to finally input brand propositions and creative ideation. This is a proposition and idea generating tool for food brands that Planning at JWT has co-created with Creative.

JWT started this exercise with research using Brand Chakras, and uncovered three fundamental drivers: The Drive for Power, The Need for Love and Care, and The Search for Pleasure. These further cascade into the 10 benefit spaces. Juniper, Wheat and Tabasco goes on to decode each of the benefit spaces in detail, capturing new trends and identifying new opportunities for brands.

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For more details on the complete study, you can write in to mythili.chandrasekar@jwt.com or bindu.sethi@jwt.com

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