23 August 2012

Cheer for India!

Every 4 years, we await the most coveted sporting event in the history of mankind, the Olympics. It is in this spectacular arena, where heroes are born and legends are remembered. It is not only ‘sports’ that is celebrated in all its glory, but also the courage, the determination as well as the faith and conviction of individuals and nations. The Olympic showcases the triumph of human fortitude, against all odds and it is this spirit, which finds light in the film ‘Cheer for India’, by Sachin Das Burma, Vice President and Senior Creative Director of JWT Delhi. 

The passion, the grit and the determination is vividly depicted in this beautiful film, as the athletes challenge all obstacles for that desirable object… a medal for the nation! With no client brief or deadline, the film is a unique piece that narrates the sweat and toil of these less-privileged athletes. It also inspires others to follow their own dreams. 

Kudos to Sachin and team for keeping the dream alive!

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