16 April 2011

Transformation by design

Brands and corporates changing their name, logo, identity, philosophy, vision... How do communication agencies participate in this process, partnering their clients? Stop with design and logo? Or go beyond? Truly understanding the brands' dreams, fears; translating it to product philosphies and internal HR policies, cascading it to all stakeholders, knowing how to set metrics of success and measuring them? Surely transformation is not just about design. But by design. Beyond changing the logo, it is about managing the change across the organisation and the ecosystem in which it operates.

Mike Bentley, Chief Strategy Officer, Team Detroit, communication partners to Ford Motor Company in the USA, answers a few questions on Change Management. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bebOHQXipj8

As a corollary, here's Ford Motor Company's worldwide CEO Alan Mullaly in a Stanford classroom talking about the transformation of the company.


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