30 July 2009

Anxious India

Atika Malik, Senior VP and Executive Planning Director, tells us how JWT is tracking consumers' anxiety in India along with Millward Brown.

A proprietary JWT study, Anxiety Index was started to track the levels and intensity of consumer anxiety and, importantly, the drivers of anxiety.

JWT partnered with Millward Brown to understand the drivers of the Indian consumers' anxiety. In its study, JWT India and Millward Brown focused on three major cities in India. Five hundred adults aged 18-49 from Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore were interviewed face-to-face about their anxiety levels and anxiety drivers. The study examined safety and security concerns—the threat of terrorism, military hostilities, crime, etc.—and economic worries such as the cost of health care, the cost of living and job security. The study also takes a closer look into how different categories are being affected by the recession, including FMCG, consumer durables and services.

Click here to view the findings of the study and its implications for brands.

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