08 January 2008

Watch Out India 2008: Adip Puri, JWT Planning, Mumbai

Question. What do Deepika Padukone, Green buildings and Foreign universities have in common?
Answer. All of them feature in the 80 big things to watch out for in India '08.
We start this year with an interesting initiative on the lines of “Eighty things to watch out for in 2008” released by JWT, New York. India planners have started compiling a list of 80 Big things to watch out for in India 2008.

In no particular order
1.Young new filmmakers
2.Indian pride/jingoism
3.Farah khan's triplets
4.Rahul Gandhi/as a mass leader in the Rajiv Gandhi 1989 mould
5.Narendra Modi as Prime Minister
6.Mini metros
7.Foreign universities in India
8.Chinese students in India
9.Indian students in countries other than USA ,UK ,Australia
10.Citizen governance/civil society action
11.Brand social responsibility
12.Green buildings
13.Diesel cars
14.Family /friends reunions
15.Facebook in Indian languages
16.Blank Noise Project
17.SMS banking
18.One Lakh Rupee Tata Car
20.Deepika Padukone
21.Climate change
22.Increase in non-biodegradable wastes
23.60 seconds of fame for anyone
24.Instant spirituality (or its fixes thereof)
25.Experimental relationships (bi-curious, f**k buddies, etc)
26.The increasing ‘Friends’ syndrome
27.30ies (even 40ies) is the new 20ies
28.Male grooming industry
29.Small is big in car designs

We invite you to add your thoughts to this list.Look through your telescope and do tell us the people/events/ideas or anything big you see happening in India '08.


  1. I would add:
    Renewed chaos in pakistan
    More changing umpires
    F1 inroads in India
    More takeovers by Indian companies
    Easy budget from PC

  2. 94. Dress casual Fridays (As bankers multiply)
    95. Metro-making accidents - as dug up cities become hazardous
    96. Criminal cases - as drunks refuse to not drive
    97. The death of Sting operations, as the govt. cracks down on it's monitoring legislation and Tehelka goes unheard

  3. 98.
    SEXY CALANDERS have competition - ART, SCIENCE AND SPIRITUALISM as popular themes for calanders this year.

  4. Increased interest and revenues from the Gaming industry
    Music piracy
    Indian companies spreading Interntaional operations
    The Bangalore International Airport and the hassels of keeping it running smoothly

  5. My list
    Social Networking making a positive change
    Young India work on social causes
    Laedership positions taken over by young Indians
    A strong law to control rape cases
    Atleast one oscars

  6. My .02 's ...

    More collaborations between hollywood and bollywood
    More coming together of north and south india
    Worsening traffic and infrastructure getting choked in the neo-metro's
    Sexual liberation becoming more prevalent in the metro's
    More Pakistani talent coming into India especially in Music

  7. interesting stuff... what abt Indias formula 1 team??

  8. I have met Rahul Gamdhi. I hope that he does not become a "name" in 2008. He seems to have the IQ of a turnip
    Fuck Buddies seems to be 2005 New York and 2006 New Delhi phrase..have heard it uttered it frequently then