15 October 2007

When was the last time you Ego Surfed?

Have you ever wondered what might come up when you Google your name, your blog or website? Or, how many times your blog has been searched for or looked up ?

EgoSurf.org loves egos and believes they need nurturing! “Egosurf helps massage the web publishers ego, and there by maintain the cool equilibrium of the net itself”, they say!
The ego ranking, they say, is arrived at by using “A highly secretive and complex algorithm developed over months of work, utilizing the best mathematics brains in Weston-super-Mare, to calculate the cubic volume (in cm3) of ego contained in your search engine experience.”

Take a look and enjoy this ego soothing, boosting or crushing experience as the case maybe!



  1. I got a big fat Zero

    Certainly a blast on the ego. It's cute, nonsensical ideas that don't necessarily have a greater purpose like this that makes the web such a pleasure to be on.

  2. I don't generally ego surf. I just set up a google alert for anytime my name comes up on the net.

    Its come in handy a few times!

  3. yes of course... egosurf sounds more like a fun count...