12 September 2007

The Prepared Mind

In continuation of our series, The Prepared Mind.

Two wonderful insights and two readymade ads. This time from FRIENDS.

1) Girls fantasize about their wedding dress long before they actually get married!

2) There are times in our lives when we bolt the door on a relationship, locking away our emotions– and sometimes we let them back in! What a wonderful way to look at locks.

If there are any FRIENDS fanatics out there, do write about your favourite scenes... anything that made you think "Hey, I must put that in an ad one day!".


  1. Something about prepared minds : Do people's preferences differ when they make choices for the near term versus the more distant future ? Yes, people act as if they will be increasingly virtuous the further into the future they project.

  2. I think girls fantacize about everything, not just marriage dress. Alas, practicals have surprises unlike theories! :)