21 May 2014

How Social Media turned the general election into easily digestible bytes?

By Sumeer Mathur, VP & Executive Planning Director (JWT Gurgaon)

Did you see that slap Kejriwal got? Did you see Modi’s mistake toffee for trophy? Did you see the Azam khan clip on his views on rape? Or, Arnab’s take on Rahul Gandhi? 

Campaigning in Indian general election of 2014 has been about poking fun at each other, showing opponent in bad light, witty tweets and laughable comments. Taking the focus away from issues and debates, a lot of real conversation on social media has been confined to discussing the digital content and not the candidate or the facts and figures. 

Sumeer Mathur discusses digital electioneering and its limited influence on decision making. For the complete article, please visit http://www.exchange4media.mobi/story.aspx?news_id=55730&section_id=4

The article was first published on exchange4media (May 15, 2014)

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