05 February 2014

Metrosexual. Retrosexual. Gastrosexual.

By Sarahana Sanchay, Account Planner (JWT, Gurgaon)

Do you think male vanity has really come out of the closet? What do you think shall be the new zeitgeist of "sexuality"?

Sarahana discusses the changing definition of machismo, how the stimuli for "happy-woman" has been on rapid fire, and how woman's fancy is migrating from the static and staccato quest for the "tall, dark, handsome..." to an advanced and more mature quest for the "intelligent and astute". She explores if Sapiosexuality could be the new definition of sexual attraction and if can it bring in fresh opportunities for the male grooming category.. a category with hundreds of brands rooted in the premise of "attraction from the opposite sex" and scuffling for unique brand propositions.


The article first appeared in Afaqs Planning Room (Feb 4, 2014).

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