13 January 2014

Food and Chromosome Y

By Upasana Dua, AVP & Sr. Planning Director and Sarahana Sanchay, Account Planner (JWT, Gurgaon)

Food and Chromosome Y takes you through some interesting findings around food marketing to men.

A lot of surveys, research and anecdotal information indicate that a rapidly growing section of the male population is doing food shopping and cooking… much more than they ever have. We study this trend to see how it affects food businesses and marketers in India and around the globe.

Darker and duskier color schemes, bolder and beefier typography, macho packaging design, buzzwords like ‘Ultimate’ and ‘High Protein’, bigger portion sizes, harder and more acidic flavors, deeper ridges, meaty textures, stronger aroma, and brawny brand promises… We look at all that food makers and marketers can explore to quietly signal to men.

Would you like to know a little more about brands that employ gender cues for targeting?
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For the complete study write to sarahana.sanchay@jwt.com  
Also, look at the piece by Sarahana Sanchay on food marketing to men (Published with Afaqs on Dec 26, 2013) http://www.afaqs.com/planning-room/article/190_Did-you-think-grocery-shopping-had-nothing-to-do-with-men-Think-again 

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