11 April 2011

Of Cultural Movements and Collective Prosperity: Bhavna Yadav, Account Management, JWT Mumbai, recaptures two Goafest sessions

Jake Baldridge, Strawberry Frog on Cultural Movements

A very interesting session on Strawberry Frog’s approach to their brands which he termed as “Cultural Movements”. By this what he meant was that for any brand to be successful, a mass movement is necessary.

He defined a 3 step process for agencies to follow: -

Find the purpose of the brand and strictly not the USP (according to him this is the biggest mistake that the marketers make) -

Find the cultural relevance of the brand - Don’t think of communication first and then force fit it to the brand. It should be the other way round.

He shared an interesting video wherein he showed how a single person can start a mass movement and it’s not the leader but the first follower who makes it successful. He is the most crucial to making any movement a success. A very interesting example that he cited was the campaign they did for Smart car titled – “Smart against dumb” which was a huge success on networking sites. He also showed the TVC that they have done for Jim Beam which talked about making a bold choice. All in all it was an interesting session to understand “cultural movements” and how they can take a brand to greater success.

Laurie Coots, TBWA and 5 pointers for Marketers This was my favourite session. Ms. Coots talked about 5 things that every marketer should know:

1. Gaming – She explained the significance of online gaming in today’s time by giving interesting examples like how a company sold a huge number of virtual blueberries on the Facebook game, Farmville. Also the fact that the 40 plus women form the majority of people which play Farmville was quite surprising. This just goes on to show that the brands have a huge opportunity to integrate themselves with these online games.

2. Information overload – According to her, the more information we get, the worse decisions we make. Also more emphasis is give to making quick decisions rather than good decisions. This is so true of today’s advertising wherein the only objective is to get work out even if that means comprising on the quality of work that goes out.

3. Com-vergence - This was an interesting term coined by her which stands for the collision of e marketing, m marketing and shopper marketing. With 3 G coming into the Indian market, mobile marketing is definitely the next big phenomenon.

4. Strategy and Purpose - Over here she basically emphasized the need for CSR and “Collective Prosperity”. This means that the brands and the marketers need to connect with consumers in a more meaningful way. She quoted some figures from a research that was done among the 20 somethings. 4 out of 5 people talk about companies that have social responsibility schemes, 56% of them want to work with such companies and 3 out of 4 will buy products manufactured by these companies. So there is a need to move from promotions to strategy.

5. Creative with a capital C: According to her – “Great creative is the least risky way”. Also it’s not just the creative agency that needs to be creative. It is as much a responsibility of the media agency. We need to be beginners again in order to become better. Creative should embrace media in order to make brands more successful. She ended the session on a very important note i.e. we need to shift focus from “Promotions” and concentrate as much on the rest of the Ps of marketing as well. We are in the brand belief and brand behaviour business.

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