06 January 2011

The Creative Leap (from the Brief)

For every ad I see, I have a tendency to work back its brief.

While doing this very act, I found two pieces of creative which seemed to have the same brief but with quite the difference in interpretations, though in different parts of the world.

Brands in question: Real Activ (India), Innocent Smoothies (U.K)
Brief in question: Stop having junk food. Product is a healthier alternative.

Check them out.

Though the basic brief behind the 2 pieces of communication is the same, I'd like to think that the actual words on the respective briefs might have differed. I reckon difference between the two briefs could well have been:
Real Activ: Stop unhealthy snacking switch to Real Activ
Innocent: Innocent smoothies will save you from temptation of junk food

I guess that "subtle" difference could well have produced an utterly loveable piece of communication in one case and one WYS-WYG(What-you-see-is-what-you-get) in the other. Having said that, who knows what were the other factors that affected creative outcome. Perhaps, Law & Kenneth might.

PS: If you're trying to place the song in the Innocent Smoothies TVC, it's "Fruits"-version of "Flash" by Queen, from the OST of Flash Gordon.

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  1. Hey ,

    I remember this one...

    splendid.. I must say ..

    Bhavna Neel