13 October 2010

"Trendy" India

Trends can be described as ongoing cultural movements or developments. To continuously stay relevant, brands need to be cognizant of cultural movements that their consumers are part of. Planners from JWT India, along with Ann Mack, Director of Trendspotting, JWT NY, in their effort to help their clients stay relevant in a burgeoning marketplace have identified Indian-metro-specific trends that are shaping the Indian consumers in metros and tier 1, tier 2 cities. The chosen trends focus on the fall-outs of new urban lifestyles, delayed marriages, and new codes of moral conduct.
While identifying these trends is important, it is equally important, if not more, to understand the various drivers of the trends, their significance and their relevance to brands, the players involved in the trend and its potential implications.

For details on the trends, a presentation or a session over coffee and donuts, to discuss how these trends may add value to your business through new product and service ideas, communication ideas or even packaging and SKUs, contact:
Shujoy Dutta [Delhi]
Navonil Chatterjee [Bangalore]
Shaziya Khan [Mumbai]
Mythili Chandrasekar [Chennai or Kolkata]

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