05 October 2010

Spikes Asia 2010 – JWT Bangalore’s ING ‘Chase’ Film Wins Silver

In the grave-yard year for financial services ING Vysya was one bank that dared to invest in brand building. Partnering with JWT Bangalore, it’s Jiyo Easy (Live Easy) campaign built reach, drove salience, improved imagery endorsements for the brand, significantly bettered category advertising recall norms, broke clutter, generated leads and led to thousands of new account openings in little over a month, all the while giving the popular phrase “laughing all the way to the bank” an altogether different meaning!

The campaign achieved all of this because it provided a simple yet highly relevant promise of ‘easy banking’ in a humorous and highly engaging way. At a time when customers’ lives were pretty stressed out and complicated, it refrained from being preachy, high-handed or mirror-holding, but instead used humor as a recess for the recession. From “ING Who?” to “the bank that makes banking easy” was the vast chasm that ING Vysya’s campaign set out to bridge and it more than achieved its objectives by increasing awareness of the brand and doubling imagery perception on ‘easy’.

Banking advertising has historically been about hardworking people working day and night to keep their customers satisfied. Typically their symbolism had revolved around smiling faces and conscientious handshakes. ING clearly wanted to be the un-bank. We wanted to steer away of category clichés like ‘ROI’, ‘growth’, ‘trust’, ‘partnership’, ‘prosperity’, ‘relationship’, ‘commitment’, ‘customer focus’ etc. We felt ‘Ease’ was both relevant and yet different, since nobody had taken it as a long term platform in India. And though ING only made banking easier, creatively we wanted to peg the brand at a higher plane and therefore extrapolated the brand promise into the creative tagline of ‘Jiyo Easy’ which means ‘Live Easy’.

The awarded film from the campaign places the feature of easy replacement of lost debit cards in an interesting context. Senthil Kumar, Tina Sachdev and Ratindra Dasgupta were the Creative Team that worked on the campaign.

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