11 February 2009

JWT India Planners buzzing with papers and points of view

“Bite reality: Breaking 7 myths about the most wanted 700 million”. Ankit Vohra tackles myth by myth and argues systematically about the realities of rural Indian markets and takes a stance on the implications.
Will digital marketers find an audience unwilling to be empowered in rural India? Will online social networking have any relevance at all? How will the culture codes affect internet-mobile growth? Jitender Dabas asks searching questions in “When Rural met Digital”.
“Sense of self in Web2.0” … the face and the mask could be changing places. Shujoy Dutta on managing our public personas, the increasing role of feedback, and some food for thought for marketers.
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1 comment:

  1. Ankrit Vohra writes

    For instance Myth#5: Rural consumers fear technology

    Ankrit rightly asserts that Adoption of technology in rural areas is faster than we imagine.

    Ankrit systematically contradicts his main assertion that a rural 'mindset' exists by pointing out that while they are different they seem to be unusually adept at technology adoption.

    Evidentally somebody should point out that the best marketing is built on commonalities as I believe Guy Murphy pointed out very recently.

    Between India and China combined there are over 330 million internet users and there are nearly 880 million mobile phones in use.

    Ankrit Vohra would say they're all difficult to get hold of no doubt but the good news is that now Google Latitude can give contextual information based on location through proximity to the nearest cell station we're sitting on top of yet another revolution.

    If there was the courage and the vision to implement.

    But that in itself would involve grasping that social media tools like say twitter were built for and still service SMS groups.

    ... I could go on of course but India continues to waffle while China executes.

    Different rural mindset no doubt.