11 August 2007

The Future of Men: Coffee and Donuts /August 06/Excerpts from international JWT study

  • The Future of Men

    To better understand the changing attitudes of men and women towards gender issues, JWT commissioned a survey in the United States, UK, Canada, and the Netherlands and spoke to over 4000 people.

    Top 15 findings

    1. The 21st century will belong more to women than to men.
    2. Many of us imagine a time in the future when men will be the "weaker" sex.
    3. Men are generally more confused and less sure of themselves.
    4. Women are becoming more like men.
    5. Men respect women more than they used to.
    6. Women don't respect men more than they used to.
    7. Men think women don't appreciate how much the woman's lot has improved.
    8. He believes she believes what's his is mine and what's mine is mine.
    9. Women have become more sexually predatory.
    10. Sex is disappointing for many.
    11. Women still get paid less than men for the same work.
    12. Men have better access to good jobs.
    13. It's still a good time to be a man.
    14. The status of men relative to the status of women has deteriorated.
    15. Men think the media is biased toward women.

    "It is a brave new world for men who are striving and expected to be everything to everyone. It is reminiscent of the plight of many women, who over the past two and a half decades, have tried to maintain a career-family-life balance, while staying well-informed, well-groomed and well-rounded. Men can no longer survive on being the breadwinner alone. Give or take one or two, he must be a good son, good spouse, good lover, good brother, good father, good worker, good provider, good citizen, all wrapped up in a handsome exterior. A modern day everyman, revered for his deeds and character." JWT report.

    Emerging stereotypes across the world

    Mr. Balance. He is someone who balances his career with private life. He does not want to die from stress or cancer. He enjoys many hobbies, including driving his car, and likes to spend time with family and friends.


    Him (highly involved man). The him is multisided, a responsible man who has a positive self image, but is not egocentric. He loves himself and because of that, is able to love others. He is a role model for his kids and teaches them to respect themselves.

    New man. He has such enviable characteristics as flexibility, lightness, sensitivity, and a striking capacity for adapting and transforming.

    There are two stereotypes, and they can best be described in political terms: the guy on the left and the guy on the right. The one on the left believes in a socialistic france. He dresses down, sports facial hair and is ready to strike at the drop of a beret. On the right is a clean-cut guy in a suit with an MBA. He thinks the unemployed are a lazy bunch taking advantage of an overly generous welfare system.


    1. Renewed respect: We'll see more focused and more organized efforts by men to regain the societal and intrafamily respect they used to take for granted.

    2. Further broadening of what's masculine: The emerging masculinity signals a shift in society's definition of what can and should be considered masculine, loosening the reins on male behavior and giving greater choices to those men who refuse to be denied entrance into what has long been considered the "woman's world".

    3. Adopting female traits
    : As men are asked to take on new responsibilities at home and cope with increased competition from women everywhere else, they will need to develop skills that have allowed women to succeed in these areas - multitasking and collaboration for instance.

    4. New ways of living and working: An increasing percentage of men are opting for non- traditional ways of working/living. This in turn, will change the way men view themselves in relation to their jobs and titles.

    5. Equality and success redefined: Success and status will increasingly be tied not just to career achievement but to a broader definition that incorporates family, friendship and life balance.

    The new male is making his presence felt in India.
    "It is not macho to be macho". - Salil Chaturvedi
    "Man is no longer the sole provider today, he does not have any qualms about changing a nappy ordoing a job as well as a woman". - Marc Robinson
    "Men are more comfortable with their emotions, and they are not shy about showing their softer side. I prefer men like that". - Viveka Babajee


    1.Cosmetic surgeons will be kept busy as men increasingly turn to liposuction, nose jobs and hair transplants.
    2.Ballroom and salsa dancing lessons will be high on his list as he pursues his desire to embrace social graces.
    3.Hunger for spiritual balance will continue to grow.
    4.The growing emphasis on looking good will see increased spending on apparel, accessory and grooming brands.
    5.Sugar free, low fat and organic foods will see a huge surge in demand as 'eating right' becomes more than a buzz word.


THE COMEBACK KID: Amitabh Bachchan
Mr. COOL & SEXY: John Abraham

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